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BEBOND BB3  (Plastering Interface Bonding Agent)

  • Save Cost / Save labour
  • Save time / High productivity
  • Excellent finishing
  • Excellent bond and adhesion strength
  • Simple application
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cement Additives for Cost Saving
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Product Description

BEBOND BB3 is specifically designed water based non-toxic and non flammable homopolymer admixture agent to improve bonding and adhesion of all kind of cementitious products on various substrate.


BEBOND BB3 is strongly recommended for interior and exterior plastering, skim coating, renders and cement mortar based treatment. It is applicable on new and old concrete surfaces, lightweight blocks and panels, steel, aluminium, wood, cemboard etc. Work we have done
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Products to Prevent Plastering Hollowness


  • Suitable for all kind of surfaces
  • High bonding, adhesion, tensile and flexural strength to unconventional plastering surfaces (withstand high vibration and movement)
  • Suitable to bond various cementitious products such as plastering mortar, cement rendering, skim-coating and all cementitiuos screeds
  • Minimize cracks
  • Reduce shrinkage / shrink resistance (water resistance)
  • Better finishing
  • Time and cost saving over conventional method
  • Excellent workability and simplicity - Apply with roller, no skilled worker needed
  • Ready to use (No dilution or stirring needed)

Cement Additives for Cost Saving

The significance of cement additives is not concealed from anyone. It is a widely acknowledged fact that can cement additives can rope in some amazing benefits during construction processes. They ensure increased workability, amplified compressive robustness, sturdiness, excellent finish as well as durability. There are many cement additives being openly sold in the market. But like everything else, they have classifications; some work better than the others and some work the best in these regards. We are here to let you about the right choice of Cement additive. We are here to tell you about the magic of “Bebond”.

What Makes Bebond Stand Out?
Apart from the other perks and benefits associated with the Bebond products, one thing that makes it strikingly different and better than the rest is the cost-effectiveness. The Bebond products, including the Cement Additives, massively help you in cutting down costs and extra expenditures related to various construction procedures. The Bebond additives help you save costs in so many ways. When you are using these products, you don’t need to hire any professional expert or high skilled labour to do the task. You can easily do it on your own; it can save you a lot of bucks.

It just requires simple application, no extra solutions, blending, mixing, addition, nothing is required. Just a simple roller would do the task! The Cement Additives by Bebond work like magic and ensures sturdiness, flawlessness, resilience and perfection. You don’t need to carry out the process, again and again, just a one-time process is enough. This way, you will end up saving a lot of money and stay stress-free as well.
The Cement Additives by Bebond can is long-lasting; it has a shelf life of almost more than a year. It’s going to stay till the end!

Work Sequence

Cement Additives for Cost Saving


Apply a layer of BEBOND BB3 on substrate with paint roller

Cement Additives for Cost Saving


Allow BEBOND BB3 to dry for approximately 30 – 60 minutes

Cement Additives for Cost Saving


Proceed with plastering, skim coating or cement rendering works

Cement Additives for Cost Saving



Application Procedure

  • All surface must be structually sound, clean, and free from oil, grease, wax, dirt, curing compound, laitance, efflorescence and any other loose contaiminating materials which will inhibit proper bonding.
  • Remove any soft, brittle and weakly bonded materials from surface of substrates. Painted surface msut be scabbled / abraded prior to the application of the product.
  • BEBOND BB3 is a ready used product. Do not dilute with water or any other form of liquid.
  • Apply BEBOND BB3 by using paint roller or paint brush. Spraying method is not recommended.
  • Apply a thin continuous unbroken and even film of BEBOND BB3 to the treated surfaces by pressing the paint roller / paint brush.
  • Allow BEBOND BB3 to dry for approximately 30-60 minutes. Continue with subsequences works (plastering, skim, rendering, etc). Plastering, rendering, skim coating and cement mortaring activity shall be performed within 7 days as long as it is uncontaminated and still intact to the substrates.
  • Water prone area such as swimming pool, reinforced concrete roof and water feature wall, etc is not advisable.

Product Data Sheet

Color Light blue
Packaging 20 liters / pail
Form Water base liquid
Drying Time Approximately 30-60 minutes
Open Time 7 days
Toxicity None
Fire Hazard Non-Flammable
Shelf Life 1 year (12 months)
Storage Store in protected area (5-37 celsius)
Coverage Approximately 16-25m² subject to type of substrate