We provide a solution during construction to prevent all finishing defects issues, helping customers make more with less through leaner processes. Satisfaction, peace of mind and cost saving.



  • High Workability
  • High water retention
  • Easy to use
  • Long open time
  • Enhance cement strength
  • Minimize cracks
  • Reduced Shrinkage
  • Better finishing
  • Cost saving over conventional method
  • Products to Prevent Plastering Hollowness

Product Description

BEBOND BBBONDER & BEBOND BBBONDER PLUS‘ are particularly designed with high water withholding and enhances cement mortar tenacity and strength. It ensures increased workability and cost-effectiveness without compromising on the quality. Through its powerful adhesive properties, it helps in minimizing cracks and patches on the surfaces.


  • Tiles installation (ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, homogeneous tiles, marble, granite) for floor and wall
  • Plastering
  • Floor rendering and other cementitious products related activities such as cement floor patching, covering crack lines without hacking, wall cracks and hollow repair.
Products to Prevent Plastering Hollowness
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Products to Prevent Plastering Hollowness


  • Suitable for all kind of surfaces
  • High bonding, adhesion, tensile and flexural strength to unconventional plastering surfaces (withstand high vibration and movement)
  • Suitable to bond various cementitious products such as plastering mortar, cement rendering, skim-coating and all cementitiuos screeds
  • Minimize cracks
  • Reduce shrinkage / shrink resistance (water resistance)
  • Better finishing
  • Time and cost saving over conventional method
  • Excellent workability and simplicity - Apply with roller, no skilled worker needed
  • Ready to use (No dilution or stirring needed)

Products to Prevent Plastering Hollowness

Are you looking for a reliable product to ward off plastering hollowness? Then read on, in this article we will tell you about some of the best products you can use to treat plastering hollowness.

What is the Problem?
It is often seen that after some years, the plaster on the walls starts coming off or losing its grip entirely. That can be really worrisome and frustrating, to say the least. When it continues for some time, a void starts amplifying within the wall and its plaster. Your walls become undulating and hollow or boxy sounding. They become disfigured and unappealing to behold.

What Makes Us Stand out?
The experts at Bebond wall and tiles finishing solutions have crafted some of the most amazing products you can use to get rid of plastering hollowness. At Bebond solutions, you will find some of the most effective and powerful solutions and products to treat this issue. We have a wide variety of products including BB3, BB1, BBBonder and BBPrime etc. They are the best products for dealing with the plastering hollowness of your walls. This whole range of products plays their own significant part in giving your walls the flawlessness it deserves.

These products are convenient to use and are cost-effective as well. They give your walls and plaster an equally powerful adhesion and strength. It’s pretty simple to apply these solutions and ensure excellent finishing as well. They help you save cost and labor along with the time. They are perfect to bond a huge number of different cementitious products etc. They ensure excellent workability and extremely convenient application. Another significant point is that they come ready to use; there is no need to mix, blend, dilute or add anything else. Just start giving your walls and plaster hollow free life.

Mixing Steps

A) For tiling

Step 1: Add 1 pack(100g) of BEBOND BEBONDER with 25kg cement, Dry-mixed evenly.
Step 2: Prepare 7-8 liters of clean water.
Step 3: Pour pre-mixed cement into the water. (additional mixing of up to 50% fine sand is allowed)
Step 4: Stir evenly until desired mortar paste is formed.
Step 5: Proceed with tiling works.

B) For plastering

Step 1: Add 1 pack (100g) of BEBOND BEBONDER with 50kg cement and water.
Step 2: Stir evenly until desired mortar paste formed.
Step 3: Proceed with plastering works.